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August 2017

Although they won the Grammy for “Best Reggae Album” in 2015, it’s clear on their new album, Avrakedabra, that Morgan Heritage does not want to be pigeon-holed into that genre. Over the course of the LP, you can hear Morgan Heritage transition from a G-funk style, to dubstep, back to roots reggae.

Bongs, joints, blunts, pipes, you name it! But, as a singer and MC he especially loves vaping due to the health benefits. Mojo sees the herb as a way to “heal the nation.” Healing not only for the users of cannabis itself, but also our national economy. He points out that after the recent legalization in certain states in the U.S., the cannabis industry “is proving to not only be a financially viable industry but also a medically beneficial treatment option”

Dubbed the “Royal  Family of Reggae,” the team of Peetah Morgan/voc, Una Morgan/key, Roy Morgan/key, Nakhamyah Morgan/g and Memmalatel Morgan/perc mix some vintage sounds with extra electronic scapes. Vox effects are heard on pieces with Mr. Talkbox guesting on “Want Some More” while a bit of hip hop pops in on “Golden.” Urban grooves added by Bunny Ruggs make “Tribute to Ruggs” a delight while swampy sounds with “Drezion” add to “Reggae Night.” The vocals are earnest all throughout with each

Last year, that meant winning their very first Grammy for Best Reggae Album for 2015’s Strictly Roots. This year, it means releasing Avrakedabra, a collection of songs that retain reggae’s essence while also incorporating sounds from a multitude of other genres. Morgan Heritage seem to have always had eclectic sources of inspiration, but never has that been more pronounced.

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